FH2 Crashing back to the home screen (digital copy)

Anyone else experience this problem? Happens to me at least once every few days. I will be driving and the game freezes and makes kind of a buzzing noise and eventually boots me back to the xbox one home screen.

Same here.

Happens with my physical copy, very annoying when it happens whilst online.

It happens to me also. I don’t think there are many consequences on the long run though.

I’ve had this happen on my disc copy when starting the game as well. It typically happens when launching the game.

I have had it randomly crash me back to solo as well. Twice the game has crashed during gameplay when colliding with an AI in solo play.

Happens all the time for me. I can’t even start a game on another imported profile because of this.

Strangely it seems to mainly happen when I’m in only two places driving around: Nice, taking the coastal road to the docks and up to Sisteron, and the road they give you going to the Festival from…I really want to say San Giovanni?

I have a digital copy by the way.

Don’t want to spoil my luck, but never had this problem with any other games, digital or disc, even FM5.

EDIT: For what it’s worth, I did a complete power cycle (or at least I think I did, lol) and I was able to start the game on my imported profile just fine.

I just wanted to add in that I never had this problem until the most recent update.

It also typically happens when starting me at the Nice or Castelletto car meets. If I’m at one of the other ones the game boots up fine the first time.

Thanks for sharing this. I’m gonna avoid starting at those locations to see if it helps.

To back this up, I’ve noticed this as well. The other four locations fine, Nice and Castelletto - freeze.

Had the same problem ever since they inserted the porsche in the start up menu freeze city…

I also experience this issue on a regular basis when launching the game during the loading screens (digital copy). Usually I get a loud buzzing sound accompanied by a black screen then crash to dashboard. Sometimes this will happen up to three consecutive times before the game will load properly. I did reinstall my game once but the issue still persists.

I believe it could be related to the Porsche pack update, I never had one issue with this game before then.

Happens to me on startup every couple of times Physical copy.

I dont actually have the game. My cousin has it(Physical copy but don’t use the disc)and I play it whenever I can but when I do get to play this happens to me a lot. Every now and then it happens while it’s trying to load but 90% of the time it’s after about 2-3 hours and/or about 4-5 series and almost always hapens when I enter the tunnels while going from Nice to the festival. Like, every single time. Granted, I was doing the Nice series as much as I could so I was there most of the time but it happens far too often to just be some kind of coincidence. I’m usually about to wrap things up anyways at that point so it doesn’t bother me too much but I could definitely see how it could be annoying for some. I’m just glad I don’t have the loadup problem that some of you seem to have.

how do you guys with the issues have your console set… instant on or power saving
if instant on try doing a hard reset at least once a week
ive always had issues with multiple games with instant on… changed to power saving, might take longer to start up but less issues

this makes alot of sense

the fast start sure is nice to have, but I’ve had those freezes before, also on a couple other games (although less so), I’ll do the hard boot once a day from now on, see if it improves

that said, it doesn’t seem to happen that much, maybe every other day or so, but it does happen

And make sure you have logged on to Xbox Live BEFORE launching the game. I can pretty much produce the dropping back into the main dashboard display by not logging into Live, but doing so “in-game” when the system prompts me to logon. If I don’t logon to Live before launching the game, I’m dumped back to the dashboard during the loading splash screens.

Also, before launching FH2, make sure you have Quit any other active game properly. It is almost like the system doesn’t know what to do if you keep a different game running in the background without a proper Quit (X button).

I’ve had power saving on since day one and the first thing I do when I turn on my Xbox is sign into my profile. I always quit a game before launching another but I still have occasional drops to the dashboard during the loading screens like I stated in my previous post.

I have a physical copy (disc) and FH2 has frozen a lot lately when I first start up the game. I press A to get into the game and it freezes while loading my game save. It then goes back to the dashboard but when I try it again a second time, it works fine. It’s always freezes the first time I load the game. Have always used power saving mode so the first thing I do is log in to my profile and check that no apps are running in the background before I play the game, yet it still freezes! Doesn’t happen on FM5 which is a digital copy.

I have a physical copy also and the freezing happens to me quite often. A lot of times at the start of the game but sometimes at random places in the game.

This same thing has been happening with my (physical) copy of the game. I haven’t noted the specific locations of where I happened to be when it crashed, but all three attempts to complete the finale… crash right after the credits are transferred to my bank. Then, I reload (restart) the game, and the damn finale shows up on the map and I don’t have the 1.2m credits I won from it. THREE TIMES this has happened over and over again. And I thought it was just me.