FH Cars wanted! - Trade Proposal

Howdy all, I am trying to complete my Forza Horizon 1 Garage by having one of every car. I have been grinding this game but seem to be a life time away from some of the more pricey cars.
I have the opposite situation in FM4, I have a ton of credits and nothing left to buy!

Would anyone be interested in a trade of cars? I can bacically provide you wilth any car in FM4, even the expensive ones (Game Disc or DLC cars - I purchased all the DLC for FM4) in trade, if you can provide any of the cars below on Forza Horizon 1:

Aston Martin V12 Zagato (Villa d’Este) 2011 S $520,000
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 2011 R2 $2,200,000
Eagle Speedster 2012 A $550,000
Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 B $10,000,000
Ferrari F40 Competizione 1989 R1 $1,500,000
Ferrari F50 1995 S $400,000
Ferrari FXX 2005 R1 $2,500,000
Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione 2012 R1 $2,600,000
Ford GT40 MKII 1966 A $1,500,000
Gumpert Apollo Enraged 2012 R2 $800,000
Honda NSX-R GT 2005 A $400,000
Joss JT1 2010 R3 $400,000
Koenigsegg Agera 2011 R2 $1,400,000
Lamborghini Reventon Roadster 2009 S $2,100,000
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 2011 R3 $2,500,000
Lamborghini Aventador J 2012 R3 $2,700,000
Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition 2012 S $440,000
Maserati MC12 Versione Corsa 2008 R1 $1,800,000
McLaren F1 1993 S $3,000,000
McLaren MP4-12C 2011 S $220,000
Mercedes AMG Mercedes CLK GTR 1998 R3 $1,200,000
RUF Rt 12 R 2011 R3 $440,000[/list]

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Howdy, Think I have got all the cars in Forza Horizon 1 and a good bit of cash too. Befriend me on Xbox live and I’ll see what I’ve got for you.

Howdy all, I was playing with ‘Classic Horizon’ again since I read it will be end of lifed soon
Sill trying to get one of every car in my garage!
I still up for trading if anyone needs any cars from FM3 or FM4 I have more credits that I could ever use and more then willing to help out with Auction House cheap $1 dollar auto buys, if you have any of these Forza Horizon 1 cars yo are willing to send. PM me.

List is narrowed down a bit more, update below:

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 2011
Ferrari 250 GTO 1962
Ferrari F40 Competizione 1989
Ferrari FXX 2005
Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione 2012
Ford GT40 MKII 1966
Ford Shelby GT500 Rockstar Energy 2013
Gumpert Apollo Enraged 2012
Koenigsegg Agera 2011
Lamborghini Reventon Roadster 2009
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 2011
Lamborghini Aventador J 2012
Lexus LF Nurburgring Edition 2012
Maserati MC12 Versione Corsa 2008
McLaren F1 1993
Mercedes AMG Mercedes CLK GTR 1998