FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

That’s not an RS5-R.

It’s an Audi RS5 with an Abt Performance Tune and Abt Bodykit and rims.

RS5-R’s are special models built completely by ABT and given a specific number designation, they’re not just Customer cars that are brought in for tuning.

The German article you linked mentions it being a Customer order and not a bespoke model, the ABT page as well is for configuring an aftermarket tune (Power S or Power R level) for your normal Audi.

If you want to see something like this then I recommend voting on the RS5 topic:

And then on the Modification posts in Branded Car Parts :

Ok then I guess its a 1/100 car

Someone remove the word Coupé on this topic as the Coupé was just called Lamborghini Sian FKP37 (Coupé wasn’t in its name)

Only the Coupé body style isn’t represented ingame.

Therefore it is remaining in the title for ease of recognition.

The Roadster doesn’t have FKP37 in its name and the Coupé is just called Sián FKP37

Being exact with model names in the title is not the priority. The point of any voting topic title above all should be to help users understand what they’re voting for. Many users might just know the car as the Sian and not know there were different body style versions. They might skip over a topic because they believe the car is already in the game based on how it’s written.

I’ve changed the title to include “(coupe).” Other car topic titles will continue to be edited for the same goal.

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Over in the 996 thread, there’s no prefacelift/facelift poll and the GT3 is missing from the trim poll. I know that’s because the 2004 GT3 is in the game, but there’s also a prefacelift GT3.

114 people voted for the trims so why would they sacrifice some peoples interest I think its too late until one variant is in a upcoming update and then they will reopen it

I’ve added the Version poll for the facelifts but unfortunately I can’t edit the existing Trim poll to add a Pre-Facelift GT3 (and we’d prefer not to delete all the existing votes).

For now I recommend just voting on the Pre-Facelift in Version and the GT3 RS in Trim but specifying in a reply that you’d prefer the standard GT3 instead.

If another model is added at any point I can reset the topic and ensure the remaining trims are represented.

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@KillerSpectre21 @T10ManteoMax
I noticed this is still open for voting even though the car doesn’t exist and was pure (incorrect) speculation.

We’ll look into it

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Just to avoid any unnecessary work:
I tried to find voting topics for the following two cars but struggle to find them, I find it a bit hard to believe that those were not yet requested considering both their predecessors and succeeding generations have thriving votes already. Would you mind checking that they do indeed not exist yet before I raise them?

  • Mazda 323/Familia 4th generation type BD 1980-1986 (the first FWD Familia/323)
  • Audi 100/200/5000 C2 generation Type 43 1976-1982

Not that I can see.

Unless there’s a topic with a specific regional name for one of those models they haven’t been suggested yet.

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Great, many thanks. I’ll raise those in the new topic thread over time (I first let you catch up on the backlog of new requests including my Arna suggestion).

Sure, I’ll hopefully be all caught up by around Sunday.

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No rush, nobody else seemed to have missed those two cars until now :slight_smile:

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I recommend to correct the following topic:

There never was a third generation Senator, there were only two distinct generations and the topic, based on the years, suggests both are covered in one thread which isn’t quite as it should be.

Maybe it would be best to rename it to just cover the 1st generation:

  • Opel Senator A and Vauxhall Royale 1978-1986

A topic for the 2nd generation (Opel and Vauxhall Senator B 1987-1993) exists already but it needs a correction in the title due to a typo in the final production year which currently indicates producion stopped four years before it even began :slight_smile: Opel / Vauxhall Senator B 1987-1983

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Fixed the title, thank you

Will see about closing the Senator 3 topic (or changing it)

Edit: Changed the second topic to Senator A, will add Polls to both at some point.

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This car is is based of the Polestar 02 which doesnt have its topic yet I think it should be in this topic and be renamed to Polestar 02/BST Concept