FFCS [A group for adult car enthusiasts]

Hey folks,

Just thought id take the chance to reach out to some fellow car enthusiasts and advertise our little group (FFCS) we are made up of lads from all across the world with a passion for cars, and realism that the likes of FH5 can bring to our cruises.

We have been hosting car meets and cruises throughout Forza and other games for nearly 10 years together, and are looking to expand a little more.

We do different themed car meets, cruises and track days etc throughout the week, and hold our own leader boards for our custom crew time attack tracks.

It’s all about having a laugh, connecting with fellow enthusiasts and making new friends along the way! Feel free to give me a shout on here for more information if you think it’s something you might be interested in! We have a discord etc we use for full members that has many threads, including design requests etc from our talented design teams!

Hope to hear back from some of you!

Take care :wink:

How do i join?

how to join