Faster times with >60fps on PC?

Could the Fanatec bug still exist?
There was a user in the Emuwheel discord who still couldnt map buttons in FM using either vanilla or Emu.
Wheel would work fine in driver properties of Vjoy or fanatec drivers, just nothing in FM.

Makes me think its still bugged, never fixed.

For Fanatec users, it may be worth going ahead and reinstalling the wheel driver since Windows 10’s recent updates. This past weekend, when going to play Forza Motorsport 7 with my Fanatec CSR, I noticed that the driver for my wheel got the boot. Without installing the driver, the wheel worked but without force feedback. Upon reinstalling the driver, force feedback has returned.

My specs:
Fanatec CSR
Firmware = 757
Driver = v261


I can confirm that after downloading driver again ffb is back. Thanks guys and girls.