Fast & Furious Car Pack Part Two

Getting right to the point, will there be another fast & furious pack for Forza 6 or will it be in later Forza’s?

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In before this thread turns into a wish list.

Personally I’d rather they spend their time implementing more normal cars.

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I doubt it.

I really hope not. There should have never been a first one.

Or at least save it for Horizon, since just about everything about those ridiculous movies is unrealistic.

Ah come on man. Like them or not, I think the fast movies have done a lot in introducing new people to the car culture.


Eh, maybe so I guess… I just don’t think they’re doing it the right way.

Though, I guess if it’s just car packs, and cars from the movie, then that’s cool. There are some great looking rides in them. It’s just the premise of the movies, and the over the top driving and all that ruins it.

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I’m going to disagree with you there because for every car in this pack (except Suki’s S2000 which is a damn shame) these cars finally came with exact replicas of their paint/vinyls from the movies. I found some close approximations of some of them from painters, even tried my hand at it once or twice, in previous Forza games but they’ve never been exactly correct. I was glad to see this pack. Now, as for further F&F packs, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing another one, as long as its like this one and brings over the movie cars, paint and all, and doesn’t just give me a boosted version of the car.

I doubt it too, im really surprised we got all new cars in this pack. Such a huge value to me personally since i love (most of) the movies.

Great post! I can’t tell you how badly I want that. The Cuda from the Horizon pack is one of my very favorite cars of all time.

I think that we will get cars from FH2 too…When i was importing my designs from FH2 to FM6,i tried to import Doms Charger design,but it just took me to marketplace screen,but did not find anything,was just loading forever.Thats just my theory though

As long as we have no announcement naming any future DLC cars please use the Car Wish List thread stickied at the top of the forum.