Fanatec CSW + universal

I realise this is probably not the right place to post this but has anyone had issues connecting their csw + xbo hub to the xbox and getting it to work for forza?

The hub shows that its connected to the xbox and the buttons work to control the home screen etc but in Settings: devices it does not show the wheel attached and in Forza not even the Hub buttons are working.
I dont think this is an issue with Forza as in Project Cars only the hub buttons work and it still doesnt show its connected to fanatec csw.

Any help getting it connected would be great as i’m really looking forward to playing with a wheel as previously only used the controller. Then hopefully after a hell of a lot of laps might be able to play online some!

I had same thing with only the wheel working on home screen.

I Had to turn the wheel off in game and turn it back on where it would make you choose your profile because no controllers were detected then it would work after I chosen my profile.

Cheers mate working now. Much appreciated!

Went back to the v226 beta to be on safe side. Only thing playing up is the auto clutch using the h shifter. Not registering the clutch pedal but haven’t looked into that yet.

Actually nevermind that - clutch works just that there’s no gear lockout on the shifter in case u don’t use it (so new to this :p)

awesome! yeah it’s a bug apparently but glad it worked for you too. after I spend the $430 with 2 day shipping for the xbox uni hub + forza gt rim and it came yesterday and the cswv2 didn’t work in game but worked in the dashboard… I was about to freak out as well!

How are you finding the GT wheel?

I unfortunately bought the Oval wheel (unfortunate because can’t reach the paddle shifter!) but enjoy it with the stick shift.

Looking at getting another rim to use with cars with paddle shifters and not sure if the GT shape would be good for most of the cars. Looks nice though!