Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals Rumble Motors doesn't work

The rumble motors at Brake and Acceleraton of my Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals doesn’t rumble in Forza Motorsport.
I configured that function in FanaLab but FM seems like not triggering the output for the rumble motors.

Has some of you made it work? E.g. rumble while wheel lock or grip lost.


I remember having something similar a long time ago. Found out my rumbles were smacking the bracket so it wouldn’t activate at all and had to jimmy rig it. Never had issues since so might try going for driver update. There’s also a chance “steam input” is interfering if that’s running in the background. I do find it odd that the game is able to recognize your inputs, but not rumble. That reminds me though; Fanatec has made it clear in the past that most games aren’t programmed for pedals to rumble when plugged in directly to PC. If it’s in your wheel hub, there is a threshold setting in the Fanatec app itself. Not fancy, but can still help to a degree.
It’s important to note- don’t ever plug your pedals into both the PC and wheel simultaneously! Fanatec also made it clear it will brick your wheel.