Fake clutch mechanics.

When you engage the clutch and the car is on a downhill slope, the car should start rolling down the hill but it doesn’t. Also, if the clutch is engaged and you rev the engine, it will magically move forward when in reality it should not move at all.

Are you positive about this, or perhaps you been doing to much of your name to notice?

pretty damn sure.

it’s always been an issue in the Horizon Forza’s, I thought they might finally fix it for #4 but alas. You can test it yourself of course.

also, the same should happen when you’re on an upward slope - when you press the clutch in, the drivetrain disconnects from the engine so gravity should slowly make the car back down the slope in reverse depending on the angle/weight of the car. Of course, some modern cars have a feature that prevents the car from rolling backwards on a hill (to prevent people from rolling backwards into someone behind them at a red light for example, if they aren’t good with a clutch), but older cars certainly do this.

All cars most definitely should not magically lurch forward on an even surface when the clutch is engaged. That’s only a behavior of automatic or sequential manual trannies.