Failed to create match request

When I try to race in any class lobby I get this error:

“Failed to create match request”.

I did a network test and these are the results:

Network Statistics.

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I’m sick to death of getting the exact same error message.

I wish they would concentrate more on fixing the awful multiplayer than just adding new content.


Same here! xbox status is limited though

Yeah, I am getting the same error message. I was able to join earlier today in the afternoon (US Central), but not now.

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I didn’t get it before the update.


Well I’m glad I’m not the only one then. I was getting ‘Disconnected from server’ all day yesterday when trying to join but now I’m getting ‘Failed to create match request’. Hopefully this will be all fixed soon.

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Are you still having this issue? I had no issue yesterday but now I’m getting this same error?

Anyone still having this issue?

Could get on about 4 hrs ago, however now its throwing up the error

Worked yesterday, not today. Wanna get on leagues but time is running out.

Same here, been trying for about an hour, as has already been quoted,“time is running out”! Will they extend the time because of it? Already on short time due to other commitments!

I’m getting this message now too, in UK, just had an Xbox update is this coincidental ?

Getting same message here know northern Ireland. Can’t get into league.

I’m also getting the same ‘Failed to create match request’ message but I have not done an update recently

Have checked Xbox live status on web site, and it states about this problem!

What does it state?

It’s the same here in Germany.

You can always check here

Latest update:
Issues with Matchmaking? We’re on it! Our team is engaged and hard at work trying to get everything back to normal. Thanks so much for your patience while we work. We’ll update you again when we know more.
Want to get notified when this feature is back online?
We will only use the phone number that you provide to notify you when the service or app is back up and running. After we send the notification you requested, we will delete your phone number from our Xbox Live SMS notification system.

Thank you.

Thanks so glad that it isn’t just me I’ve been trying for a couple of hours now

same here failed to create match request all day … how long well take ?