Extreme off roading wanted! N bouncy ragdoll not wanted!;

What’s the point of the off road vehicles and parts when you can’t even go out on any real off road adventures? Theres all these wonderful off-road trails perfect for extreme off-roading and I want it please set it up give more attraction up on those trails put more traction on those boulders put more traction in that mud put more traction those Jeeps especially should be able to go anywhere there’s nowhere they have not gone I’ve even seen them go straight up using their cable winch please make extreme off-roading possible you already have boundary walls that you can’t drive past to stop us from going outside of map area at least let us go everywhere that is within that please give us extreme off-roading by adding limited slip instead of no traction and PLEASE remove the bouncy ragdoll affects cars are made of metal and are incredibly heavy they shouldn’t be able to be flung away like they were nothing and just flipped over on their back so easily as if they were a scrawny little nerd in a wrestling match and for those of you who are about to say I don’t know what I’m talking about they can climb just fine I know some of y’all have seen me running around trying to climb places I can’t go and keep falling from well those are the places they should be able to go and I want to be able to climb them. Look up extreme off-roading videos you can see off-road vehicles climbing some most insane locations and I want to be able to do that

Sounds like you should be playing Snowrunner.


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Is also not extreme off-road sport

I don’t generally have a problem off-roading in this game unless I make the foolish decision to switch steering to Simulation.

EDIT: Or going places that are off-limits where the physics are intentionally skewed.