Extra Rocket 69 Codes

I’m not sure if this is going to get locked or not, but since I noticed a lot of people starting new threads I thought we could just put it all in one. Some people are saying they lost or deleted their code and need a new one. Others would just like to have one and don’t have a code. I thought we could post if we had any extras for people who need them.

Please just follow these simple guide lines to keep the thread as simple and easy as possible.

  1. If you have an extra code to give just write nothing more then a sentence. Just say “me” or “I have one” or “I got an extra.”

  2. Please, so you don’t ruin the thread. Don’t say " I need a code" “can I have a code” Please do not post in the thread unless you have a code to share.

  3. Next step, anyone who needs a code can just scroll through the page and look for someone that has a code to share. Next, you want to send them a pm on here saying you would like the code. Or through Xbox, which ever is faster or you prefer to do.

*** here’s the important part***
When you give your code to someone, please come back to your post, hit edit and write “used” in parenthesis underneath your original comment. Or all caps, you know something that’s noticeable and easy to spot. This will make it 10x easier for everyone and a much quicker process. All you have to do is scroll through the page until you find one that’s not used, and then pm the person for the code.

So I guess I’ll start. You can use this post as an example.

I got an extra code to give.

Edit: 5 min passed, That didn’t take long at all.


I have a code. Not gonna use it. Message me on xbox if you want it

Edit: Code has been used.

I have an extra code from my other account, so if anyone needs it, let me know.

EDIT: Code given to Caramelao.

Hello, I would like a code, message me one please. If more come, will let you know.

I have an extra code.


I bought the Ultimate Edition of Forza 6 via pre-order through Xbox One (digital). I also bought Fallout 4 w/ DLC via pre-order through Xbox One (digital).

I received the Rocket 69 Xbox Live message with the code and downloaded it today but I never received the 56 Ford Pick-up.

Was this delivered by a different mechanism? There was a period of time that I didn’t play Forza 6 for a few months, could this be why I didn’t receive it?

Anyone have an extra code for the 56 Ford Pick-up?



The Fallout 4 themed F100 was only available for a couple of weeks back in November. A lot of the gift cars in FM6 now have a very small window of opportunity, so you’ve got to be paying attention to the news pages to get them.

There were no codes for the F100. You had to claim it via the Forza Hub app on your Xbox and then an in-game message was sent.

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I don’t suppose this thing will be featured in Horizon 3? Being the series’ first (real) appearance on PC and all…

I need code please

Ya, me too, anyone out there?