Exploit or Game Design?

Regardless, whether or not they’re actively playing has no effect on the game. Roughly the same time and rewards either way - maybe a bit more rewards for less time for being active, actually, as the auto driving isn’t terribly efficient in my experience.

If you want to sit and split hairs over the exact wording that’s up to you, but it amounts to the same thing at the end of the day they paid their money and are making their choice to use features in a game, that’s the bit that is not up to you or I to decide.

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I like to play the game the way I like to to play it.

The game was released with way too many bugs and many players have struggled to deal with the faults within the game.

I get angry when I just play the game and get accused of exploiting what is basically bad game design and niot well thought of.

Instead of adressing the many bugs and making the game eperience trouble free, the priority was to remove many wheelspins and nerfing them as well.

In fact this makes me play the game less, because that spoils the fun and for me it is a kind of backfire if they intended the opposite.

After the horrible FM7 and now the spoiled fun with FH5, this may be the last forza for me.


These days the definition of “exploit” seems to be doing pretty much anything in a way they don’t like whether or not it’s working as intended. And the various Wheelspin perks in mastery trees were inarguably intentional.


Just don’t get why so many are whinging about people playing the game solo the way they want if they want to afk in solo way should it bother anyone else it doesn’t affect anyone else, well it certainly doesn’t affect me, but then I am a bit more adult and mature than some people. lol


Well it does affect you, it affects the auction house, it affect the economy of the game. If you were playing monopoly online so that you couldn’t see what the other player was doing, and their money was going up all the time it would affect your game. This game is based on all players being on equal ground with equal averages over a 1 year period. The averages dictate how the dev’s make choices about pricing. If you can’t sell a 20M car then you get bored putting it into the auction for 20M, you drop it to 15M. If people take advantage of exploits they can then buy cars for 20M, so the prices don’t drop to 15M. You are then affected.


??? The game gives u the cars easy via Accolades/Wheelspins/Playlist/Autoshow/Barnfinds in early gameplay. It reduced the amount of dupecars from wheelspins and some Gift option was added. So in overall there is no reason to buy a 20M car in AH :wink: Maybe it affects u (personally) bit more with your paints but even the legendary painter thing was removed and other thing is not everyone is making money via paints. I wouldn’t notice if AH is removed… And whats with the ppl selling free cars (LaFerrari) for 20M? Its abusing other players unawareness… Jesko same thing u can get free in early gameplay no reason to waste money

We don’t know yet if there will be rare cars in the game.

Whether they do it AFK or not, the results are roughly the same. Ergo doing it AFK doesn’t in itself affect the auction house.


+1 :+1:

Who cares that players have 900.000.000 credits with AFK grinding. If you have all the cars the credits are useless anyway :roll_eyes:


Exactly if it bothers people that much they could always do it themselves anyway. lol

I tried that Goliath thing. Sitting in front of tv holding down one button for one hour isn’t my thing. Nothing would make that experience better. I rather do 10 laps around Nordschleife in heavy rain in stock Transit SSV all assists off.

You need to find a way to hold the throttle in max position on whatever you use to for the game to drive then you can just walk away and let the game get on with it.

U pressed the button :smiley: Afk means locking button and doing other things…
Anyway for some ppl its the only way to play the game and it doesn’t affect me

I paid for game to play it. I did not pay to not play it.

Well that’s your choice whereas others who also paid for the game have chosen to do it another way that’s there choice it’s all about who pays for something makes their own choice.

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Tell the kids… Some new players think its cool to afk and have xxx amounts of money. Give them time until they notice…

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Way before. I have ~43M and 0 ideas what todo with the money…

If you have all the cars already then the game was not balanced properly. A balanced game however cannot allow exploits.

A balanced game also does not drive players to seek out exploits (especially for a mostly single-player experience). A game which by itself stagnates quickly, however, does create that drive. The popularity of these exploits is a symptom of other flaws in the game which those who exploited it created fixes for.

The vinyls system is unintuitive at times and downright frustrating at others, thus the third-party programs for making paints.

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