Endurance racing with non-leaderboard cars, any interest?

I was hoping to start an informal competition and wanted to see if there was any interest. If there is, what I had in mind was 30-60 minute races. You build and tune any car you want for the race as long as that car is not in the top 100 on the leaderboard. I’d like to race all the classes and would probably stick to the longer tracks. I’m thinking I’d create a schedule and post it here. I’d list the leaderboard cars that are excluded from the race. The amount of races would be determined by the level of interest, but we could do them several times a week in order to give as many people as possible a chance to race. I’d try to always give at least a week’s notice for each race so you’d have time to get a car ready.

This is all preliminary and we can hash out the details as we go. If you have an interest, just respond here. If enough people are in, I’ll throw a schedule up with a few races and we can go from there. Let’s keep it open to all skill levels and make the only requirement be that you are a clean racer. Blatantly dirty racers and corner cutters would not be invited back for a second race.

Sounds cool I’d take part in it.

I’ll join in…

Tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.

I would be excited to join in on this. Just need to know your time zone as I’m AEST (Australian Eastern Time Zone) and the time/day you plan to run.

I’d like join. Need time zone, as I’m UTC+3

I am also interested if the time zone jives out, I’m USA east coast.