Endtime in online races

The endtime (30 seconds) in online drift/race are a joke it should at least be a couple of minutes or remove it all together and for those who are inactive should be kicked after a half minuter or so

So 30 seconds is to long for the end timer, but 30 seconds is good to kick an inactive player. Making the end timing a couple min? Taking it out completely? That part is a joke. I don’t want to sit and wait a couple min or forever for people who are messing around, crashing people, or what have you. 30-45 seconds is plenty of time to finish. the races are not long enough for a couple min end race timing. Generally speaking you would have to be 10 seconds a lap behind the leader in a 3 lap race to use up the 30 seconds. if you are that much slower then why would the faster racer be punished?

at most i could see 45 seconds. and there are races where i get the short straw at the beginning and get involved in a crash or something and use almost all of the 30 seconds. it happens. we need a short race timing. keeps things moving and not waiting for people when enjoying ruining the game for others just out get a rise out of people

30 seconds are too long.

10 seconds are fine.

if you have more than 10 seconds from the first player in that kind of short race, it doesn’t matter if you finish the race or not…

The endtime for drifting is joke…Now we are 24 players in race,we all need some space between us to get some big drift points.Its imposible to finish when you start drifting last one.Its Drifting not racing.Give us more time to finish 90 seconds would be ok…Sorry for my bad language.