Enable the flag of your country in your username

Being able to place the flag of your country in your username, This makes it more competitive. How GT does it

Also to include more country flags from latinoamerica, I’d love to put the flag of my country (Dom. Rep), which I know i was not in the previous game. Even GT doesn’t have it.


It would be great to have all the flags of all the countries in the world.


Fm7 let you chose a flag as did previous FMs.


Saint George flag :heart: :england:

You’re talking about this like it’s some unknown venture. This feature existed 20 years ago, and games now.

I think the same, this detail would make it better.

Yeah, it’d be a good feature. Additional flags - such as the skull & cross bones - could be offered to peopke who don’t want to disclose their nationality.

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You’re talking about going down rabbit holes and such, it’s not that deep. I’m Scottish and have dealt with the GB/UK flag deal for most games. You’ve been able to pick flags going all the way back to TOCA, it isn’t some big developmental challenge to overcome. You pick the commonly used flag selection and that’s the end of it.

Forza Motorsport isn’t a competitive game sadly

Hi! I think it would be a really nice touch to have the user’s country flag next to the username.