Drivatars not loading in Freeplay races [Xbox One X]


Would just like to report that there appears to be an issue with Drivatars loading in any Free Play race I set up. Will show 23 before I start the race but as soon as I start it, I am the only car on the track and when I check drivatars again in the race set up and it set to 0 with no option to change it besides quitting the race and trying again which does not work either and the same thing happens in a loop regardless of the track picked, laps set, or difficulty chosen.

I apologize if this has already been reported, however, I did not see any particular threads pertaining to this when I did a search.

Dedicated Forza Player

I’ve been experiencing the same issue. Not sure if it has got anything to do with the last Update but the game was working fine up until the last Update. There are a number of threads addressing this issue and I’m about to go and try some of them. I found the threads by Googling - “Drivatars not loading in Freeplay Forza 7”.

Good luck with your game.