Drifting? (xbox one)

i need people to drift with that can lead or follow. it would be cool if multiple people drifted and we had one big lobby that drifted. you can add me

so me and a few of my fellow gaming friends have a group that dedicate ourselves to ( TOUGE ) racing. for some of you that may not know what that is ! its a style of racing that involves cars with a bit of Grip/drift build . we enjoy doing clean racing and have a pretty good community that interact well and race clean as possible in the gaming world. we do lots of series !!! we have
= Muscle series
= Hatchback series
= Touge series
= Eurotune series
= Drift series
= Sports series
if you would like to find or join a group of fellas or gamers that enjoy clean racing , just come check us out! my

GAmertag: o BIG ANT o

come check out our community page on facebook and join so you can keep up with the races or find a fellow gamer to race or hang on the streets of horizon!!!

thank you,
your fellow gamer : o BIG ANT o
from New Jersey

meets almost always happening every other night around 9-10 pm eastern