Drifting: Tandem, or solo?

Just a little curious about how some of you drift, ( If you do ). Whether you do AWD, RWD, if you like to tandem, or if you prefer going solo. Also, what’s your style? For example, e-brake and automatic. Believe it or not, I drift in automatic, and use a combination of the e-brake and regular brake. Which I know sounds stupid, considering most people go manual, but I still do automatic.

JFK , you have a. PM…

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RWD solo

i dont drift. if i’m drifting i’ve blown a corner. but it does seem easier to recover in rwd so thats probably the easiest to control if thats your thing.

I’m about rwd tandems but if I get bored or I can find a decent room I will hop in a awd or fwd car for some solo runs