Drift Team Recruiting

To All,

I started a brand new drift team about a month ago with another drifter. I am wondering if there is anyone who is looking for a new team to slide with. We run tandems nearly everynight and have competed in VFD, FDC and other competitions. If you would like to join then leave a reply with your timezone, how long you have been drifting for, pictures/videos of you drifting.


Hi! I think I may be interested! I am in the central time zone and have been drifting since FM3, so since around 2010. I don’t currently have any pictures to show but I’d be more than happy to show you guys what I can do in a lobby!
GT: xxxKMARTxxx99

Live in UK GT MINIbentley93 can find vidios and pic on my account

Good luck

Welcome back to the community trn shado/ acr sicario. Glad to see your still around 0.o lol

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we went over this, im not. this is literally harrasment.

Yo im keen to try out. New Zealand timezone. been drifting since fm3 first came out. very interested in competing in vfd and other such events etc. cheers