Drift Team OZDRIFT Australian drifting team

Anyone from Australia interested in joining my drift team? If so, Send me a message on here or Xbox live
My gamertag is LT Ozdrift ASF
Ive been drifting in forza since Forza 2 many, many years ago, Im open to anyone joining my team as long as your from Australia.
If your new to drifting, Your still welcome to join and if you need help with tunes or training, Then im happy to help you with that too, For FREE!!!! Lets make this a great team with heaps of members and take us to the top in competition or even just to drift together
Join Team OZDRIFT and be proud to be Australian

Hey whats up dude. I’m interested. Been drifting since the original Forza offline. GT is Down Under DK.

Sweet mate, Ill send you a friend request soon and we can organise some stuff and then we can show these others how its done :wink: lol

hey bro whats up i have been drifting since fm4. GT is Forever Dopey

Sure mate, I`ll add you asap

ill join man been drifting since forza 4 add me GT: ImKiKass

I’ve been looking a for an australia based drift club for a while and was wondering if I could join you? GT: SuicideToy79 I’ve also been drifting since FM2 and have loved every minute of it.

can i join ive been drifting since forza 3 and im australian my gt is XB6 Broomzke

I wouldnt mind joining up if you are recruiting im from melb aus add me if you like iv been on forza since fm4 GT: HEKTIKDR1FT3R

I’m keen, been awhile time to get back into it

Hi my tag is Driftyarrow6993 got mad skills… I’ve tryd searching Ozdrift on fh2 but no search results. ??? I added u as friend so get at me with a team name and I’d like to apply for coleader also as I can do allot of recruiting thanks…

Would like to throw a little bump in here. :slight_smile:

I have Pm’d you AusDrift.

Hey guys keen to jump on board, been drifting since Forza 3 but just got a wheel so kinda starting fresh. GT is deltaforcegrunt. Will be on tonight if anyone’s gonna be around?