Drift Sections

Well, I mostly skipped Forza 5, and went from Forza 4 straight to Forza 6.

Been struggling a bit with tuning and getting the feel for it, but I’m slowly getting there.

Mostly what I want to know is, what sections do people drift on the most?

I don’t drift for points or anything, mostly I just do the same track sections over and over.

In forza 4, I dedicated a lot of time to the Iberian and Tsukuba tracks, so now I’m a bit lost on where to find some good sections to practice and get my skills back on point. Lately I’ve just been doing Silverstone mostly.

So this is the questions, what tracks/sections do people drift on these days?

I like long beach. Its really great for practicing angle and proximity. You hit a wall there and youre screwed. Also has the hook at the end. Its a track i use a lot to get a tune on my car. Add me and we can drift sometime.

Lime Rock’s fist few turns are pretty fun too

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit for elevation change and backwards entry practice
Catalunya School (always a fav with local friends)
Sonoma Full new fav for speed and elevation

These are my go-to’s every time.

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My favorite is the Club Circuit on the Bernese Alps. It’s great for linking together a long drift chain and it has a ton of transition spots.

This should help


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That does help indeed. Saved into a playlist and will surely end up trying them all :smiley:

I like to Tune my drift cars while running them around the Rio mountain circuit, Nice and tight track with good transitions