Drift and Win Rivals | Jun 16-28

Featured Rivals: Drift and Win

Let’s Drift! Pick your favorite owned RWD car to burn rubber and rack up a smoke spewing score. Earn the legendary Kiss the Cook Driver Gear just for setting your best score to show you can handle the smoke. Finish in the top 50% of leaderboard points to also get the Safe and Sane Fireworks Driver Gear to celebrate.

Deadline 2022-06-28T22:59:00Z (4pm Pacific UTC-7)
Track Suzuka East
Car any RWD car

Head to the FM7 Single Player Rivals menu and select Featured Rivals to participate. Players can run as many laps as they wish to improve their time by the close of the event.


Rewards will be gifted to all eligible recipients after the event has closed. Gifts will be sent to the in-game Message Center. Driver Gear gifts unlock in the Driver Gear menu.

KISS THE COOK | Pattern General | Legendary | Is that BBQ sauce or motor oil?

SAFE AND SANE | Pattern General | Rare | Emits showers of sparks. Light fuse and get away.

@leetorts here’s a chance for the Safe and Sane outfit. Just in case. I remember you saying that you are missing it. You probably already know it or perhaps even don’t care anymore.

Cool. 2 items i still need to collect :slight_smile: