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Article 1: A Modern American Showdown!
Engine Swaps: 2002 Camaro SS
The 02’ SS packs a tough 5.7L LS1 which produces a factory rating of 325hp and 350tq.

Engine Swap Options:
7.0L 427ci V8
Stock Specs: Naturally Aspirated | 425hp | 490tq
Dethrone Racecraft Built Specs: Twin Turbo | 826hp | 826tq

5.9L V8
Stock Specs: Naturally Aspirated | 825hp | 650tq
Dethrone Racecraft Built Specs: Naturally Aspirated | 994hp | 783tq

Dragspeed Challenge: 2012 Challenger SRT8 392 vs 2015 Mustang GT

Factory Specs

12’ Challenger | 470hp | 470tq | 4,160lbs

15’ Mustang | 421hp | 391tq | 3,618lbs

Factory 1/4 mile times
12’ Challenger (Auto, TCS off) 12.317 @ 117mph
15’ Mustang (Auto, TCS off) 12.533 @ 112mph

12’ Challenger (Manual w/Clutch, TCS off) 12.113 @ 118mph
15’ Mustang (Manual w/Clutch, TCS off) 11.883 @ 118mph

1 Mile Times
12’ Challenger | 30.517 @ 166mph
15’ Mustang | 30.184 @ 162mph

5 Mile Highway Roll (50mph)
12’ Challenger 392 SRT8 versus 15’ Mustang GT (Factory Specs)
Winner: TBD!

Time for a question: What’s your fastest S Class, RWD car in the 1/4mile, 1/2mile, and 1mile? Post your times!

Drag Tuning Tip: Pay attention to your G Force display when tuning your car to launch like a beast!

Official Drag Racing Community Racer List: (If you’re having a hard time finding fellow drag racers on FM5 leave a comment requesting to be added to this list.) I will rollover this list onto each Volume of Dragspeed.
GT: Silent Dethrone
GT: TheSoulKiller89


Hey guys I need friends in forza 5 add me !

@TheSoulKiller89 I’ll add you later today.

Update: Here is a youtube video of a fellow gamer doing a great Showcase, 1/4 Mile, 1/2 Mile, and Topspeed Runs in the 2015 Mustang GT (bone stock): Forza 5 - 2015 Ford Mustang GT - ForzaVista, Top Speed Run, Drag Tests (Showcase) [HD] - YouTube | His 1320 time is nearly identical to mine and that gives a little validation to my test times but I’d like you guys to tell me what you ran in the cars so we can have a greater understanding of what the cars are truly capable of!

Don’t forget to give their Youtube Channel a look @ Barbate Brandon - YouTube for more great vids!