Double forzathon points retroactively?


I own the premium and thus I am VIP

After the hotfix, it is now written 20 forzathon points on the daily tasks, but my count on forzathon points right now is surprinsingly low as I had completed all playlists already (the pre one as well)
yesterday my forzapoint count was of 590 and now it is 619

If the ponts were doubled retroactively, I assume I should have a lot more

Any clues ?

Thanks !


I wish they would do that. With the next Season starting tonight I need lot of points to buy whatever the items going to appear at the shop. But guess they will do nothing about it!

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Yeah this is total BS

I was actually surprised at the amount of FP I had… thought they’d doubled it, but maybe not. I don’t think I could have gathered the 600+ points with what I did… But maybe I am wrong here

Have exactly the same thing….completed every playlist, pre as well, and I’m sitting on 590. Seems odd as what’s the point in opening the shop if you can’t 3rd afford to purchase the top tier car in the shop :man_facepalming:

Just be happy Apollo IE isn’t 2000 FP.