Don’t know who to ask

This is a strange problem and I don’t know where to ask or who to ask. But I can’t go past the press A to start screen; I’ve tried two different controllers and niether of the controllers worked. But here’s the weird thing the A button on my controllers work everywhere else but not the Screen on FH4 that says press a to start and it’s been like this for two days now. Can someone please help me, I know this is a strange problem but it’s really irritating me because I can’t do the forzathon or anything really in FH4. I have a video of me trying to press and nothing working on FH4 and a video of me going back and fourth on GTA V, choosing X for online and A for Storymode.

You play on a console?
Than, maybe the only way is to try the controller-options in the game.
Change it to another and then go back to the normal one. Or try to set the option by yourself.

That’s the thing I can’t get into the game, I can’t go past the Press A Start Screen.