DOME Jiotto Caspita 1989-1991

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Several supercars were being developed in Japan during the bubble economy of the late 80s/early 90s, and the Jiotto Caspita is perhaps the most interesting one. A joint project between an underwear manufacturer and racing constructor DOME. Designed in the wind tunnel and inspired by Group C racers, the Caspita was originally supposed to feature the Motori Moderni flat-12 that powered Subaru’s Formula 1 project. The original grey showcar was powered by that, and there is footage of it driving on a high-speed oval. However, as Subaru abondoned the engine, Jiotto opted for a Judd V10 instead, resulting in a 135 PS power jump. The 585 PS Judd V10 is featured in the “Mk.II” showcar pictured above, which is in DOME’s posession to this day. It’s a shame this beast never made it to production considering how advanced it was. It had an aluminium-carbon fiber chassis, electronically controlled rear wing and active suspension. With an proper 6-speed manual and F1-level technology, this could have been a Japanese rival to the XJ220, EB110 and F50 that never was.


1991 Jiotto Caspita