Does XBOX game pass work on Windows 10?

I have found some great deal for 1 month subscription to get it and play Forza Horizon 4 for free but i am not sure if does work on PC and Windows 10… Never ever get any gamepass so let me know if works on PC or not… :slight_smile:

yes since FH4 is a play anywhere game which means it works on both pc and xbone

xbox game pass works also on PC (Windows 10).
All play anywhere titles incl. in game pass can be played on PC.

Thanks for replies …
And if i buy a month game pass from any online retailer which is pretty cheap , where should i paste the code? (maybe on windows store in product activation option?)

Yeh in redeem code

Ok dude thanks , no matter if i buy FH4 or not , after trying demo i can honestly say its the best arcade racing open world game but if i buy a game pass for 2,50 euros i can play it one month and get the standard edition on black friday with discount… ;D