Does the Crash Team still exists?

Im the leader of a top twenty team and currently in the top 100 racers on FM4. My team of forty is being harassed by a gamer called [Mod Edit - D]. He’s a pain in lots of peoples side in the ABCS and i have lots of video proof of this. Please Turn 10. Let me know. This gamer has been banned before for wrecking instead of racing. He did not learn his lesson and needs stiffer penalties.

I dunno if it still exists, but it would be nice to know. 90% of the people that play this game, can’t race if their lives depended on it. How does one get into your club?

And a life that I denounce these facts and no one ever did anything, these characters come into the track only to find reason to create unfair war …
Now, unfortunately, I had to change gamertag, henceforth I was picked on by some of these teams just because I tried to react with a lot of replay.
Thanks again Turn 10 …

[Mod Edit - Goodbye - D]

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And this is only the first … The last time I put the names I have deleted the post … We should have the courage that all players coming into the track with Hummer every time it appears on the list the names of these lunatics. .