Dodge Neon 1993-1999

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specifically the 1997 neon acr coupe. it was legendary in SCCA D class autocross. came with an adjustable koni suspension and a shorter geared transmission. the srt4 wouldnt have ever existed if not for the success of the 97 acr. 150hp 132ftlb and around 2600lb curb. its the missing generation of small fwd dodge cars in the game.


1999 Dodge Neon - Information and photos - MOMENTcar

sweet, sweet memories. still needs to be the 2 door version though. i just dont like sedans personally, and compact sport coupes are a hoot. plus we already have the srt4 which is a sedan. we need the american compact coupe market from the 90s in this game. its completely missing and has been the entire series.

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Yes I agree the 2 Does version would look Better