Do you like my new logo?

Have been playing around with it for a few days. This one makes me happiest. I wanted to incorporate a gear of some sort, and have the gear be negative space. I think I finally nailed it with this one. Let me know your thoughts, please. Feedback is VERY welcomed.

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Very nice, plain and simple. The gear on your forza version is cut out?

Yeah, actually, it is on that version too. It’s a PNG with transparency.

I like it! Simple and effective. Glad you cut out the gear, same as what I would’ve found myself doing.

I still need to some up with my own brand logo as well. Had one on Forza 4, not on Forza 5 though. I just found it hard trying to find the right font :stuck_out_tongue:

Dew i’d set it all the same X-height, it looks a little in-balanced with the typo aligned top. nice and clear though!
not even done mine yet, keep forgetting lol


I tried the same X height and wasn’t a huge fan of it. It ended up all blending together a bit much… I’ll give a couple other things a try though, I know what you mean. Wife and I sat there for a bit last night trying to figure out how to arrange it.

I quite like it. Looks very modern, nice job.