Do I have a corrupt cloud save?

I’m on PC.

Following a crash to desktop yesterday, I went to restart the game and it wouldn’t run passed the startup screen. I would prompt “start” and then it would just freeze or get stuck in loading. After many attempts to get the game running I decided my best option was to uninstall and reinstall. Upon re-installation I was prompted to pull my previous game progress from the cloud, which I did. It synced all of my previous progress and the game was running. However, after a while the optimization performance degraded to an unplayable state and I was forced to quit the game and restart, which I’ve probably done over 100 times since I’ve had the game. Only this time it wouldn’t run the game passed the start screen (and still won’t) just like before.

What is going on? Do I have a save file that is permanently messed up after all of the time that has gone into FM7? If I have to start over I stand to lose 17 million credits, tier 20-something garage, a completed career mode, and numerous quality saved tunes that I’d have to go pluck back off the leaderboards once I have enough money to buy the cars back that they belong to. Please tell me this isn’t the case and what I can do to fix it. Thanks.

Same with me, can’t get past the start screen.