DLC Packs (K1 speed pack)

Leave it to the good ole’ Forza developers to put a ****ing 2018 Hona Odyssey into a “Motorsport” game.
Wth?? Late to Jimmy’s soccer game, better hop in that 2018 Odyssey! Need a super fast car to lap the Nurburgring? Jump in the NEW 2018 Honda Odyssey!

Use your brain Turn 10!!

Add something we actually want! and PLEASE point me to where someone in this forum said -

"Dear T10.

Nothing would make me happier than to see the new 2018 Honda Odyssey added into Forza Motorsport 7!"

“another one”

  • DJ khaled
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There are several people in this thread:

That would rather have the Odyssey over the latest hyper/supercar junk.


Man if you don’t shut that noise up, we have known this for 3 weeks already Mr LateMan…smh