Disappearing Players

Why does every car / player disappear anytime you get close ?
What are they scared of ?

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Thats a Bug! It’s been there since launch and PG do nothing about that broken multiplayer. Online Convoi sucks since 3 weeks! And no info from Forza Support when we get this fixed. This pisses me off.

It may be a bug in some respects but I usually see people actually running way and trying to hide !!!
Maybe they think it’s a photo thing - seriously - I don’t care - I’ll photo the cars I need when I get them - only a 100 odd to go…

I’ve noticed this alot aswell. Every time I’m patroling in my custom police car and drive near player or group of players around they suddenly all disopear and roads/map is empty for miles untill players spawn miles into distance:( This is really immerison destroying and secondly it just makes it feel lifeless in “world” if you want to drive around to groups of people and show off your car for instance etc. Hope this gets fixed at some point:(

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They’ve made no mention of when they are gonna release an update to fix these issues. This game is so broken it’s almost not fun to play.


They’re too busy counting their Billions from this game to even look at issues let alone fix or issue statements.
Give it a few weeks when they’ve finished patting themselves on the back before they start to realise the serious issues with this Broken Effort…


I drive in convoy with lots of friends and this has been the worst part for me. More than half of this game is just cruising around and doing other things. We set up Top Gear style challenges where we all show up with a mystery car that meets certain requirements, etc. So our workaround is to create a blueprint/race. Put the start on one coast (ours starts at Goliath) and it’s cross country with the finish line at the hotel on the beach. Then you can all join the race and just cruise around. You can even turn on AI traffic, etc. on the race so it’s one way you can drive with your friends.

We got in off-road trucks once and just explored for 2 hours on this map. When you’re done or what to do something else, just go hit the finish line.

The meaning behind this thread based on the title may change in the days/weeks to come unless issues start to be fixed as players are missing due to quitting the game.

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OK - 1 month later - still same issue…
Anytime you approach another player they immediately go into pause then sit or maybe after a while jump to another part of the map.
This is not disconnection issues - it’s people just trying to hide for some reason.
Why - Again what are they scared of ?
So much for a great interactive game when nobody wants to get involved…

There was nothing wrong with the old sessions. Now its hard to play with others… Was testing something on highway and someone honkd at me so was speeding with him over highway for a while and tested some other cars. Was then driving to MainFestival and he simply disappeared and it loaded some other kids.

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Not sure if that’s what I was talking about.
Every time I approach somebody they immediately go into pause menu for some reason. Can still see them just sitting waiting but for what ?
Often even before you get anywhere near them - Why ?
Is this not supposed to be an interactive game ? Why does everybody try to hide from each other ?

They are not hiding they know it doesnt work :smiley: Its how these new sessions work. Park somewhere or go in pause menu and it loads more ppl. So chance is big the ppl u see are in this section for a while before (parking/pausing) And the ppl driving around are hard to catch they leave section and it loads new ppl and the whole system is too slow it finishes loading for one section while entering new one. Its all … but yeah now the game decides wich ppl show up for you. Was way better in fh4 with the sessions it shows ppl on whole map and you can jump there and meet these ppl
In FH5 no way or you meet one and game decides time to load other ppl…

Definitley hiding when you get to them and they just go into pause mode and sit there. Then they reappear after a while and drive off.
Still don’t get it. Why ?
Only thing I can think of is that they don’t want to be challenged - so don’t accept the challenge, or they’re scared of a photo or something - again Why ?
Doesn’t impact on their game plus you could still photo them anyway even in pause mode.
Got pretty much all cars photoed anyway ( apart from the bugged ones ) so no point in that either.