DIS SWIRLY's FORZA 5 Setups (Car List Inside) Updated New Videos Inside

I have decided to load up some of my personal drift setups on the marketplace. So if you want you can download them. Just search the gamertag DIS SWIRLY. I hope this will help some people out. If you got any questions or just want to tandem just send me a message over live.

I will take suggestions on cars if you want to just pots up the car and the motor you would like.

This guide is specifically for Forza Motorsport 5 drifting. We notice there is a bit of a learning curve when making the jump from one Forza to the next installment, only this time it’s probably been the biggest jump thus far. So even if you are not a beginner by any means, still feel free to check it out and have some laughs with us!


Video by: DIS Boppinz

Commentary by: DIS Swirly, DIS OldManTiger, DIS Boppinz

Just some of our tandem videos. I did not know either to make a single thread or just put them in this one lol. So I am just going to put them in this thread. I hope you all enjoy.

Forza 5 DIS Drifting Tandem Catalunya Replay Camera

Forza 5 DIS Drifting Tandem Catalunya

Car List

S15 (2000)

240sx (1993)

370z (2010)

350z (2003)

1969 Fairlady Z 432

Fairlady Z (1994)

R33 (1997)

R34 (2002)

R35 (2012)


Firebird Trans Am Ram Air (2002)


AE86 (1985)

GT86 (2013)

Supra RZ (1998)


Subaru 22B STi (1998)

Subaru Impreza WRX STi (2004)


BMW E30 (M3 1991)

BMW E46 (M3 2005)


Lancer Evolution VI GSR (1999)


RX-8 R3 (2011)


HSV GTS (2011)


SVT Cobra R Fox Body (1993)


Nova SS (1966)

Chevelle SS-454 (1970)


What are you running for your diff settings? Cause I feel like the diff setting I’ve been running forever now, just feels too loose with the FM5 physics.

In a couple days we DIS will be posting a video tutorial on how what parts to put in a drift car and explain what most of the parts do. Step by step and the car we are using is my personal RX7 tune. And I didn’t forgo
Et about your question but for the diff I use 50 front 15 rear.


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Thanks, I’ll have to try it. The 75A - 60D just doesn’t feel right anymore. Thats the setting I’ve been running since FM2.

That’s what everyone did including myself. But then I said this is a brand new game with a lot more opportunities than any other Forza tuning wise. It took me 1 straight week just to understand the tuning. And I have had the game and xbox one since launch lol.

Idk, to me, the tuning still feels like the old games. I can still run my suspension set-up that I’ve been using since FM2. The only major tweaks I’ve had to make tuning wise, was finding a final drive ratio that is similar to the old 3.30. Cause that ratio, with the gears I ran for 6 years, was just perfect. Don’t get me wrong, the way the transmission and the diff work in this game, def feel different compared to 3-4.

I get that. For me personally i tried my same tune for fm4 because i changed it from all the other forza games. But it wouldnt work for me so I decided with alot of help from my teammate DIS OldManTiger we just worked on tuning in this game from the first couple days and finally came up with something that worked and felt great for us. Tuning in this game is fun because you can make the car how you want it and throw it in however you want and still come back with great speed. This forza is by far the best in a tuning aspect.

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Do you have any RX8 tunes? I had a perfect RX8 drift build back in Forza 4 and Its been awhile since I’ve tuned cars for drifting.

Ill make one for you. Ill Post it up tomorrow. I mean later today lol its 1:30 AM. I got a bad sleeping habbit and its hard for me to get to sleep lol

Thanks brah, Yeah its 1:35 AM here haha.

Hey Chief I just finished your RX-8 tune and i posted it up. If anyone else has any more suggestions don’t hesitate to ask.

Wow, new forums hurt my eyes. Looking like your thread now has an actual home!

add me for Tandem fun GM ; QC DRIFT819 QC
i share a lot of my drift tune and it feel realy like a real drift car
but the question is are you able too drift my car if not go pratic now
ont the description just whrite DMCC for my tune

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Yea the diff settings actually matter now and can be very sensitive when adjusting but you’ll know when you get them right

Toyota trueno Help full set up need have no clue

Updated some cars on the list.

Could you make your drift tune for the nissan 350z with the forza lip and wing?

I have some good tunes available as well. mine arent as loose as most folk. feel free to search my gamer tag and download. i have the newer mustang, challenger, ls1 swapped s13, 69 z, and others. DIS Swirly has really good tunes for sure. hit me up if you want something specific.

would u be able to do a tune for the 1997 rx-7? :slight_smile: cuz i don’t have some of the cars u mentioned…im assuming there in packs