Dirt races don't appear

So I’ve gotten a decent way into the game and I’ve only ever seen one dirt race. I love the dirt racing series the most and I even unlocked all of the festival events for the dirt racing series, it let me do the festival events but I still don’t have any dirt races on my map at all. I have plenty of everything else but for some reason they don’t appear for me, anyone have this problem or know how to help?

Turned off “drit events” in map filter?

There are no true"Dirt" races. Its about 50% Tarmac always, maybe this fact confuses you and that is why you think there are none :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No everything is on, I’ve tried to search for an option everywhere. It’s like I don’t have the races at all because I don’t see them in the world either.

Thanks for the reply though!

All the filters are fine and I know they aren’t “true dirt races” I don’t have the any races in the “dirt race” category and it’s like they don’t exist for me at all. I only have cross country and street races

You need to complete the expedition for the dirt region and unlock the horizon outpost for the rest of the races to appear.