Digital Copy question

I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or on the Xbox forum but as it’s Forza related I thought I’d post here. I have a digital copy of Forza 7 and have been playing with a gold subscription, I have to cancel the subscription for the next month and was wondering if I can still play the game without gold? Also what features will I miss out on? I know I won’t be able to access multiplayer but can I still use other features such as auction house, rivals and paint downloads? Thanks in advance and sorry if it’s posted in the wrong place

You will still be able to play but won’t have access to the AH ( I think,) Leagues or Rivals.

Wrong, I don’t have Gold atm and the only feature I can’t access is the multiplayer / league. AH, Rivals, sharing/dl liveries are all accessible without a Gold sub

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I dont have gold but can access all modes except multiplayerleagues.