Did T10 remove cars from our garage and let us win them again with level-up rewards?

I could have sworn I already had a bunch of cars I’m recently getting with level-up rewards.
EDIT: No, I’m not talking about FE cars. I’m talking about normal cars like the '83 Audi Sport Quattro and '70 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1, for example.

I assume you had the normal versions and have now gotten the FE versions, There are 7 or so FE cars that came new to the game with the update.

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Nope. I’m not talking about the FE cars and I’ve always had VIP.

Ok, well then i can’t tell, i made it a routine to check how many cars i have got when i start the game, and i didn’t loose any.

The level-up reward cars? They repeat.

Yep they do

So cars get overwritten? I’m not sure that’s what happens.

This is a non-issue, because the cars you got (Audi quattro and C4 ZR-1) can be had for free on level ups.

I believe I have lost a few which were doubles, like the late model Strata’s. Both red and now they’ve gone. I had over 600, and now im back to under that once again.