Did not recieve correct Tier rewards

It only gave me up to Tier 7 Rewards, but I am a Tier 8. Busted my butt to get to tier 8 before the Forza 7 came out. It showed on the Forza Hub and on here that I was Tier 8 before the game even dropped.

Lucky you… i didn’t get any tier rewards as of yet… Showed me i had earned up to Tier 8 but still haven’t got a thing… -_-

You get them once you complete the first few races of the seeker series
Go check your prize rewards and your crates

I’m Tier 10 and all I got was a few crates to open, no money or cars like the previous games, is that right?

Yep you only get crates and driver gear …that’s it
You can read more in the discussion forum about it

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Well, that is kinda weak. Still enjoying the game though… :slight_smile: