Demo performance and patch


I was very excited about FM7 but before I buy something, I always try the demo (if available). The Demo performance was very bad, every 4-5 seconds the game stutters so it is impossible to drive. Changing the graphic settings to the lowest possible does not do any difference. My rig is capable enough (32GB RAM, 4GHz i7, GTX 1080) After this frustrating experience, I decided to wait until some patches come out.

Now… with the latest Nvidia 387.92 driver and the Turn10 patch I gave the Demo another try. Same stuff: stuttering every 4-5 seconds, impossible to play. So my question is, was the demo also affected by the “massive performance patch” or just the main game? I run two monitors, maybe this post is related to my issue.




could anybody of you post the current FM7 version of the full game? THen I can compare it with the one from the demo.