Data issue.l

After speaking to Jenny J on Xbox live chat, she requested I posted here…

Since around November 2015i have been having problems with the game. I switched on the game and it started me from the beginning, even though I had completed so much and it was all still sitting in my achievements… After contacting Xbox the first time, they advised there is nothing they can do, it’s down to the forza team… Still having the same issue, my achievements show higher levels and completed and the DLCS I have purchased are still there… However whe trying to select them in game it just says ‘sorry, you have already purchased this item’ but I cannot use it!!!

I have asked for a refund for all DLCS bought but Microsoft have said they cannot refund until they have confirmation of what went wrong… Can somebody please just explain as I have sent a lot of money, time and effort on this game… I have screenshots to show the achievements levels and stuffs bought if needed.


I have the same issue and can see that xbox live believes that my last achievement was on 8-4-15. 13 DLC’s (I know what you mean about the money spent). I know that I almost got mine to work once. I used the start button (used to say start before xbox 1) to select the game and chose manage game. I scrolled all of the way to the right and chose the image of my gamer tag… I selected it and it gave me the option to delete the data on the xbox or to delete everything everywhere. I chose to delete the info on the xbox. The game tried to sync to the cloud but failed. If you can get it to sync to the cloud with no save data on your harddrive then I suspect that it will work. If not, I will continue to look here and work on it myself. It’s just so sad to see all of my achievements and know that I have 38 awesome cars that are in a garage that I can’t access… If you should get it to work please let me know since I cannot thus far.
Best of luck!