Darius Flynt Showdown

Its been awhile since I’ve beaten Flynt in the final race to win his 599XX, but after I beat it the race was always on my map. I never thought anything of it but when I tried to do it again it still offered his car to win. I did the race, got passed on the last go, and finished second. I didn’t have time to do the race again so I didn’t, but I noticed it disappeared off my map. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this or knew if it would reappear in a week’s time or something like that. Thanks for reading!

If everything is fine, everybody has experienced this… because it was programmed to do so! Indeed, you should be able to face him twice before it disappears off your map, and the only way to get it back (if I am not mistaking) is to do Part 1 again (the 5-lap circuit race) or to go to Rivals Center.

Thanks for the info, I’ll give that a try!