Czinger 21C 2020-current

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Czinger 21C

This model is featured in Forza as the:

  • 2024 Czinger 21C (FH5)

One more car like the Huayra R that should be in FM instead to be in a car pack in FH5. And I am afraid that we will not see this car very soon in FM :sob:

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The good new is that we know now that they have the liscence of the car.

Like they said in the livestream yesterday, a lot on the car is designed by AI and metal 3D printed. I love the way these parts look and would love to see htem in Motorsport!


It’s a great car, must be included!


The true potential can’t be utilized if it’s kept in a track…let these beasts free in an open world to get the most out of it!!! Just let them scream…I’m happy that they added such things in horizon n i hope ur wish also becomes true asap!!

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2024 Czinger 21C