Custom blueprint events

i am having one big problem. many times when i start a custom blueprint eventthat i have created. it will place all convoy members in my custom event and it will place me in another event at the same race event. it dosnt seem to make a difference it i invite my convoy only or if i invite member from the life session. some times when it puts me on a diff race other than the one i start ill either be in an in game event or it will place me in another players custom event/ either way this game is splitting up convoys members when using bluprinted custom event.

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two times tonight i started my own custom blue print event. covoy of four both times. invited everyone both times not just convoy
both times it put other three players in my convoy the blue print event i started. both times it put me in someone elses blueprint event. why is it putting my convoy in my custom blue print events and putting me in other peoples events plese help i have awsome events ps i have game clip frme two recent evnts it has happened a lot lately plese respond help

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I REALLY suggest that you submit a ticket because I’m not sure if anyone on here will be able to help with this specific issue that much other than the devs themselves. I will attach the link to where you can submit a ticket for the issue, but it might possibly be due to a server related issue. I’ve seen on several of AR12’s videos that Nick won’t see Raymond even though Raymond is right in front of Nick on the same server. So maybe when you all join the mini server, you’re accidentally placed in the wrong race because the game got confused of what players should be seen or playing at the same time. I’m not sure if I’m of any help either, but here’s the link I said I’d attach:

I really do hope you can figure out what is wrong because I understand what it’s like when the game doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. :slight_smile: I hope you have a nice day/night and I hope the devs can help you with your issue. :slight_smile: