Credits per mile stats for various courses! And Credits per minute

I was curious if there was any difference between 5 miles on Daytona and 5 miles on a nice curvy track. Turns out there is and its HUGE!
I’ll show a picture of my results. I mostly care about getting the most credits per minute, so I used an X class car for all of my results 90% of which were the Lotus. I did check the results on the Daytona for the fastest lap times (Ultima 720), and it still doesn’t compare to my “average” driving on the Bernese Alps course, fast and curvy.
This list isn’t all inclusive, but it gives an idea for each of the tracks and what each style means. Feel free to look into these results with leader board times.
One last important note, when doing point runs you can have more that 100% bonuses, which means these gaps are doubled.

So you’re saying Bernese Alps is worth the most per minute and then Daytona?


You may have credits per minute and credits per mile figured out but XP is what earns you the most per lap. With XP you increase your driver level and each driver level gives you 1 wheel spin.

It takes 40,000 XP for each driver level. The higher your driver level is, the more you earn per wheel spin. There is a thread called Affinity Boosting Levels and it gives you the break down of XP per lap at each track no matter the class or car or finishing position in Free Play races. Using fast cars will earn fast XP. The longest most technical tracks give you the most XP. The tracks that give you 3000 XP per lap are COTA GP, YAS GP and Rio Full both directions. Spa is 3200 XP. All the Nurb’s are massive XP and Le mans is good XP per minute. In the end all the tracks make roughly the same XP per minute.

Don’t forget to use XP mod cards and boost you XP bonus. Use 100% Driver Level and 100% XP mods in all 3 spots to get max XP at the end of the race. If you pick the right track, you can get 5 wheel spins every 20 to 30 minutes. I will leave that for you to figure out on your own and have fun doing it. You will be amazed at how fast your credits will grow doing Free Play Races. I mix up the Free Play settings constantly to make it different every race.

Warning: you have to spend a lot of credits on 300,000 and 150,000 mod packs to get the 100% mod cards. The 100% Driver and XP are random but once you have credits to spend, it becomes the only other place to spend your credits besides the new car garage.

Once you reach a certain driver level all the wheel spin squares are huge payouts. You can get to a point that you can make 100,000,000 credits per Hour, easy.

Here is the boost thread link.

Have fun.

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I believe that credits earned (ignoring all bonuses) are the same as the XP earned. Therefore my results still stand with the alps taking the most XP per minute. I would like to point out as well that it is possible to drive the Daytona with 0 assists and unbeatable drivatars. You can’t do this on many other tracks without a bit of experience, so other tracks may be able to yield more bonus credits, but where the real money comes in is the prize spins, so again the Alps with the high yield will be more effective. I will take a look at all three courses you listed and post the results.

I am looking at your chart and noticed that you did not run the same amount of laps and/or distance at each track but I understand what you are saying. Alps is a fast track and you can make good credits fast there. I agree with you. Some of my fastest times are on the Alps in all classes when I run them. 99% of my leaderboard times are set in Free Play. Career races are short and not a lot of xp plus you spend too much time in load screens and menus.

Daytona Oval and Indy Oval have very low XP per lap. Not a good return on your time invested and you can lap the field multiple times. Fun tracks but no challenge.

I going the run some 16 lap races and see what the results are.

I have run some 16 lap races in Free Play driving the MP4/4 with Class set to X and Drivatars set to Unbeatable. I was surprised at the results.

YAS Full 16 Laps - 29:28.053 minutes. XP per minute with 3 x 100% XP mods was 6508 XP per Minute.
Total Miles: 55.20 = 3,478 XP per mile.

Alps Festival 16 Laps - 19:45.561 minutes. XP per minute with 3 x 100% XP mods was 7696 XP per Minute.
Total Miles: 58.08 = 2,617 XP per mile.

I ran a 24 lap race to see if the math was consistent and it was nearly the same on Alps for varying laps per race.
Alps Festival 24 Laps - 29:27.255 minutes. XP per minute with 3 x 100% mods was 7728 XP per Minute.
Total Miles: 87.00 = 2,620 XP per Mile.

This has proven that you make more XP per minute on Alps festival even though you make less XP per mile traveled. This blows my mind. I stand corrected and educated. Thank you Seedorfj.

Now I am curious what the results will be on other tracks, running 16 lap races with the same settings and car. Very interesting.


Thanks for doing these races! I did a few lap tests to see if more laps makes a difference, and because I was in a hurry I did it on the .45 mi Toyota grand prix track and had no difference between 1 lap and 10, but I think there still may be differences on other tracks, thanks for doing it with the high lap counts!

That’s because Alps is a handling track and your using a car with 10.0 handling.

Alps track is longer and your doing it in a shorter time also.

What is amazing is you are going 57.7% faster on alps than on Yas.

Yes, Alps is a handling track that can be done with 4 gear changes per lap. Turn 1, I go to 4th gear and the rest of the lap is 6th. I was running around 1:12’s in the MP4/4.

YAS is a mix track with a lot of turns. I think I was down to 50 gear changes a lap with the MP4/4 running around 1:49’s each lap.

YAS is not one of my better tracks but I am driving it more and getting better. Same with COTA. I need to run them more because they are fun tracks.