Credit max per race

Does anyone know what the max credits is per race?
When I get home I plan on running a lot of laps on Indy and I have 100% credits and Afinity. I don’t want to run 50 laps if I max my credits at 30 laps. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Dan the Dartman.

I should explain myself better, in past games there was a credit limit where if you ran Aprox 25 laps at Indy you would max out the credits and only get that amount no matter if you ran 200 laps. I think Bathhurst was about 8 laps to max it out but I may be wrong as my memory is not as good as it used to be. LOL.

I’m most certain there isn’t a max credit limit per race. For instance, if you were to create a timed event in upwards of several hours, you’d get paid out respective to your finishing position, assists, and the amount of time spent racing. For instance, when I hosted endurance events in Forza Motorsport 5 (some in upwards of 2.5 hours), we all walked away with a decent amount of credits with no max limit achieved.

Thanks Shadow, they must have changed that for the better then, great to know and tonight if I find out different I will post it here in this thread.

Check this video from Don Joewon Song:

This is probably the biggest payout available in FM6 right now, 50 laps Nordschleife + GP in Free Play.
The result screen shows 580,000 base XP but only 260,000 base Credits, therefore the payout seems to be capped at 260,000 Cr.
It’s probably more worthwhile to take XP mods into such a long race (this one was five and a half hours).

The CR/XP cap is now gone. I did 30 laps of Nurburgring Full and got 350,000 Credits (before VIP/assists/difficulty bonuses) and 1,400,000 Driver XP (350,000 base and 1,050,000 from three 100% mods) for that race. It took 3:43:04 for my Lotus E23 to finish the race. Sure, the Indy 250 showcase would award more CR/XP per hour, but this way I got more out of my 100% Driver XP mods.

Thank you and great advice too.

The part that is missing from that video is the xp for manufacturer affinity. You need 372,000 affinity xp to go from 0 to 25 so anything past that is wasted. So 50 laps is 200,000 wasted xp in terms of affinity so not too efficient but it depends on what you are pushing for, credits, xp or affinity xp. You can get 240,000 credits with a 20 lap Nordschleife + GP since the credit/xp is 12,000 per lap.