Create a route seasons

if i create a route in fall, will i still be able to do that race in the summer/winter/spring, or can i only do the race in the fall. Im asking because i cant seem to find a race that i created a while back and i think it might be because i made it in a different season than what im currently in.

When you set a specific season to a route, you can run the race it at any time and will load up in the assigned season.

There is a fifth option (which is actually the first when creating) and that’s using “Current”, which is supposed to run your route/blueprint in whatever the current season is in-game. Unfortunately, this does not work and I’ve sent a support ticket about a month ago that they closed basically stating if they ever fix it, it’ll be noted.

Funnily enough if you use “Current” with Time of Day, it works. So if your game is currently in night time and you run the custom route/blueprint, it will be at night time.

All my routes use current season/time and I’ve not had any problems with them not working. I’ve noticed if I rename one of them it changes the season off current, but I just change that back before saving.