Convoy issues

My friend and I are trying to do racing in a convoy. Like on fh3 co op campaign was our favorite thing to do. I love the shared world concept. I know its still the first day, just figured Id let ya’ll know. It does a count down waiting for players. We’ve tried pvp, co op, and just my convoy and it goes to allocating server then says failed to join and doesnt start the event.

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I have the same problem

Same problem here. Is there any fix?

Are you both done with the tutorial and on the live online world servers?

I’ve noticed similar issues, though it works normally. Sometimes (quite often yesterday in fact), the co-op event/race wouldn’t start. This would leave me in the pregame vista stuck & I couldn’t exit. I was forced to restart FH4 each time this happened.

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Same isseu NAT Type openbon PC how can we fix this random problem…