Confused about online play

I don’t really understand how multiplayer works in this game.

So, I’ve joined a Team with my friends via the Xbox app. What does that let me do? Does that mean that we all end up on the same server, so we can convoy? I’ve not seen my friends online that much… not seen a notification for it anyway. Should there be one?

Also I don’t have the little [tag] next to my name. And I don’t know what a “club” is. :s

If I could leave feedback, I would say, the online is confusing.


Club is the one built into the Xbox and Xbox live its centered on the Xbox main page, teams is an extension of that. Club gives you the tag.

Convoy, listed above online session on start menu, is the party session with friends for Forza Horizon 4. You invite frds to that and or join frds convoys, then the convoy leader makes a race or joins one and the convoy has the option to follow into the race or not.

hope that helps.