Commissioning of a painter for a race livery... (help)

Hello all,

Apologies if this is the wrong way of going about it. I require someone to design me a race livery for an upcoming series in the 2013 Clio 200 EDC with FULL Forza Aero.

It can be a replica (I have some ideas) or a fantasy race livery. How the person is rewarded is up to them, we can discuss between us. I used to have all my series designs done by MonkOfMadness2 / AZT Mad Monk but he has been off the scene for some time now.

If you think you can help or would like the challenge please message me on here or XBL!



Cant believe no one wants to take this up. Not asking for anything for free.

I even put together a base if someone wants to create an original race livery. We just need logo’s.

If I wasn’t going away on Hols i’d knock something up Jammy

No worries man. I’m sure we will collaborate on something soon anyway! :slight_smile:

Ok let me know what you are thinking of and I can have a look for you.

I can help you out if you are struggling. Check out my Clio Williams race paint for an example of what i can do.


As requested, a redo of my #14 Holden Vodafone paintjob. Press an image for a larger verion.

Hope you like’m. Good luck with your races and enjoy!